Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • A Three Day Feast
    Imagine going without food for three days. Pretty grim. Now imagine going with food for three days. Two marathon sessions of both classic and exotic Chinese dishes, made from the best ingredients and prepared by the finest chefs, for three

  • The True Meaning of the Dragon Boat Festival
    Let's get this straight: a mandatory national holiday to commemorate an accused traitor, one who opposed China's founding dynasty? And we celebrate with dragon boat racing and sticky rice? We've obviously lost much of the

  • Changbai Mountain's Brief Bloom
    We can't help but be delighted by a big smile on an old grouch. Similarly, nature has few tricks as gratifying as the brief summers of normally freezing climes.

  • The Acrobats of Wuqiao
    Only boxers and ballet dancers can really understand what they go through. In a large, empty, dawn-lit room of the Wuqiao Acrobatic School, a cluster of children, six to sixteen years old, push their bodies to do the impossible.

  • A Suspicious Chinese Banquet
    In China, feasting serves for much more than celebration. Want moral license to faff about your new business partners? Take them to a banquet. Want the Vice Minister of city water management to marry your hunchbacked sister? Take him to a ban

  • The Real Reward in Learning Chinese
    Ouyang YuLinguists try to share the greatest reward of acquiring new languages, but few are that interested. To too many, learning Mandarin is a pragmatic undertaking with pragmatic benefits.

  • Sex & Chopsticks - A Chinese Vintage Woody Allen
    by Chris Devonshire EllisCash Chin, the director of this film (properly titled "The Forbidden Legend") has visited the long time banned in China classic erotic novel "The Plum In The Golden Vase" and come up with a category three rated sexual r

  • New Yorkers Can't Get Enough Propaganda Art
    The Asia Society's Art and China's Revolution ExhibitIt's safe to say that Chinese art is way past communist propaganda. But don't tell that to America.

  • Xiangqi for the Commoner, Weiqi for the Elite
    The Xiangqi board, left, and the more mystical Weiqi board Fogies knock video games for their lack of interactivity. "You just sit there, staring at the screen like a zombie!".

  • Lake Namtso - Close to Heaven
    For a long time in Tibet, before the Buddha passed by, the gods appeared readily to the eye. Back then, Lake Namtso was a portal to heaven, a place where humans could whisper to the gods.