Monthly Archives: April 2009

  • The Tragic Story of Chang Yu Sheng
    A rock n’ roller who changed the lives of millions of young people, only to lose his own. Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Sam Cooke, Ian Curtis, and other stars who changed the face of popular music before dying young are a well-known pantheon.

  • A Genuine Chinese Battle of Wits
    Add this one to your GRE prep skills. Gui Guzi, revered military strategist of the Warring States Period, took on two students, Sun Bin and Pang Juan, who developed into formidable warlords in their own right.

  • Splashing about the Nanting River
    If you're looking for one place in China where concrete hasn't usurped nature, then consider southwest Yunnan. A land of mountainous Burmese jungle in all but politics, Lincang county abounds in every kind of biological diversity,

  • Baseball's Future in China, an Interview with Rick Dell
    Rick Dell, center, flanked by Barry Larkin (left), and Jim Lefebvre (right)A college baseball coach for 27 years, Rick Dell has been promoting America's game throughout Asia for Major League Baseball since 2007.

  • Make Your Own Ma Po
    The China expat is an epicure, and therefore faces the epicure's dilemma. Thai food? Again? No sushi tonight - not after that saki bender last week.

  • Between the Sexes
    Another Episode XX - Liu Lijie" From the distinction between man and woman came the righteousness between husband and wife. From that righteousness came the affection between father and son; from that affection, the rectitude between ruler

  • The Simple Wisdom of Meiyao Chen
    Mei Yaochen's successful friend Xiu Ouyang True words are not fancy And fancy words are not true - Dao De Jing If we haven't unlearned one thing, it's our respect for obscurity.

  • Three Chinese Fresh Air Escapes
    Breezy Dalian As soon as China's spring winds subside, one forgets the flying bags and fondly remembers blue skies. In their place lurks the grey haze of summer.

  • A Century Brings Little Change
    Materially, of course, nothing is as it was. A century's time has transmogrified everything from fashion to transportation, so much so that a Rip Van Winkle awaking today would be hard put not to lose his mind.

  • Xitang, A Separate Peace
    Mid-April, and the wishy-washy trip planning is in full-swing. Your loved one wants Hong Kong, the buddies favor Sichuan. "How about Suzhou?" queries a noob, "I hear it's peaceful, and the canals are really beautiful.