Monthly Archives: February 2009

  • The Dragon Raises Its Head
    Happy Long Tai Tou, Dragon Raises Head day, to one and all. It's February 2nd - check your lunar calendar. This is the day spring finally returns, when things start looking dragon green.

  • Confucianism & the Chinese Mask
    One of the most complex aspects of Chinese culture for the expat to reconcile with concerns prescribed emotional reactions in the public milieu. The most insightful piece we've yet to see explaining the phenomenon is written by Williams Colleg

  • In China, You Listen to Dad
    It's been a tough few decades for fathers. It's a lesson in life imitating "art". Media dads, from movie to sitcom to commercial, are either abusive, repressive, incompetent, or a scintillating combo of the three.

  • China's Storybook Heroes
    The Eight ImmortalsRambo and Batman say as much about American culture as JFK and Michael Jordan. A country's fictional heroes grant insights into its collective subconscious.

  • Spring is Here - Duck!
    Spring has come to China. Never mind that snow on the ground - you heard the fireworks. The season is a time of transformation; go out and enjoy nature returning to life.

  • China Is Getting Older
    Visitors to China remark on it. Elderly everywhere - many in wheelchairs pushed by attendants, but even more exercising at parks in the morning, dancing in public squares at night.

  • The Mosuo and Their Walking Marriages
    Why is it common in the villages around Lugu Lake to see young rather than old men strolling about at dawn, tired but content-looking? They're returning from a zou hun, or walking marriage, one of the most un-Chinese traditions you'll

  • Chinese Beauty – Then & Now
    A little time in China will give you the correct impression that what's beautiful to the western eye isn't necessarily so to the Chinese, and vice versa.

  • Chinese Characters and Your Kid's IQ
    Asian people are smarter than the rest of us. Just kidding. We're still allowed to joke about racial differences, right? Perhaps not. Maybe there are too many mouth-breathers, the kind who sincerely ask you "What are Chinese people like?",

  • Shopping in Shenzhen
    You’d think that with the international vibe of Shenzhen, it would have its own monthly expat rag by now, ala That’s Beijing or That’s Shanghai. Until it does, Lonely Writers and Shenzhen Daily have it covered, with their Living in Shen