Monthly Archives: January 2009

  • The 15 Days of New Year
    You're going where for the Chinese New Year? No, no no no no. We've warned newbies before about the perils of traveling in China during the mass migrations .

  • Double-Kick Your Way Into The Year Of The Ox
    The Double Kick is Lit... By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Bam.....BAAM!!! Anyone who has heard those sounds, usually during Chinese New Year - will be familiar with the Chinese "Double Kick" firework - a not-so-subtle piece of pyrotechnics

  • Year 4706 - The Earth Ox and You
    It's nice being in that 25% of the world's population involved in Chinese New Year. Just as those resolutions are starting to look like a lost cause, and the new car smell of 2009 is wearing off, bam, another fresh start.

  • Inaugurations vs. Coronations
    Americans can protest all they want about their elections and democratic processes. Right or wrong, we all have an innate need to worship supreme leaders.

  • Mazu - the Princess of Tides
    Most of us air-breathers rarely face the dangers of the sea. But let's all of us, particularly the sushi and fish-stick lovers among us, take a moment to honor the fisherman.

  • Morning Tears: Helping Children of the Convicted
    Koen Sevenants with some of his childrenWe come to China to make new lives. Some of us come to make our fortunes. Almost no one comes to make a difference. But Koen Sevenants belongs to that rare minority, experiencing reward and charity, hope and h

  • Wild China - a Must-See Documentary
    You may be forgiven for picturing China as an endless succession of grey-skied cities. Unfortunately, if you're like most expats, this is the part of China in which you belong.

  • Incarnations – Believe it or Not, No Photoshop
    It's logical to imagine that Photoshop is making creative photography passé, at least as cutting-edge art. If it is, don't tell Li Wei, Hei Yue, and Liu Bolin.

  • Lang Lang and the Five Requirements for Early Greatness
    Everyone sees the diamond sparkle; only a few see the diamond being cut. Millions of Chinese parents saw Lang Lang front and center at the Opening Ceremonies.

  • Remembrance of Chinese Downturns Past
    Luckily, one of the tourists recorded it on a cell phone. Their guides at the Ming Tombs had been bemoaning the drop in business since the economic crisis, when an unearthly voice rumbled from the Changjing tomb, final resting place of the Yongle Emp