Monthly Archives: December 2008

  • The Year That Will Be - Predictions for 2009
    China Expat's Oracle BoneLook on the bright side, folks: at least we live in interesting times! Yes sir, if you found 2008 a struggle, go directly to bed, pull covers securely over head, and do not peek out from under until you hear people yel

  • China's Greatest Moments- 2008
    Huang Chuncai So 2008 came in relatively lambish, and goes out a rampaging lion. China had worked eight frantic years planning for two weeks of summer glory.

  • Animals Moving China
    Zhu Jianqiang, China's Top PigSo Time has a man of the year, but where's its animal of the year? Surely we haven't forgotten the vital role animals play in our daily welfare, largely alimentary as it may be.

  • Five Chinese Internet Sensations
    The Kappa GirlLet's take a moment during this holiday season to appreciate a blessing we all share: the Internet. Fount of free info, scourge of the post office, and time-sucking distraction par excellence, the Internet brings the world to our m

  • A Chinese Christmas Story
    This is the author's true account of Christmas day, 1970.Because of my parents' background, I was considered a "black child" from a counter-revolutionary family.

  • How Huineng Found Enlightenment
    Huineng tearing sutrasWhat is the greatest gift you could hope for? Poor people wish for riches; rich people wish for love. People with understanding wish for enlightenment, the power to live each moment with wonder, free from judgment and fear.

  • China's Anti-Piracy Campaign
    Remember when fighting piracy meant bending over backwards to make sure the Chinese had to pay $29.99 for a Zoolander DVD? Somali gentlemen of fortune are reminding us that real pirates hold weapons, not camcorders, and put lives at risk, not movi

  • China’s Ten Toughest Jobs?
    A top ranking public servant of the Ming DynastyThere are all sorts of ways to break your back for chump change, especially in China. But a recent survey by the Institute of Psychology at China's Academy of Science ranked public service the

  • Five Alternative Chinatowns
    Spooked by China's real estate scene but excited by America's declining home values, many Chinese investors are taking special house-buying trips.Most people moving overseas prefer a locale where their countrymen have an established prese

  • Blind Mountain
    Any back-to-nature fans contemplating a sustainable, organic lifestyle in rural China are well-advised to watch Blind Mountain first. Forget the lack of internet and decent plumbing - the primitive mindset of the back-country farmer poses the deal-br