Monthly Archives: September 2008

  • China is the New Europe
    Two centuries ago, young men and women of privilege took Grand Tours of Europe. They were expected to return worldly wise, having strolled the Acropolis and floated down Venetian canals.

  • China Spacewalks Back to the Future
    The Space Walk - it's harder to perform than even the Moonwalk, and cooler than the Harlem Shuffle. Today fighter pilot and instant icon Zhai Zhigang will peer out the hatch of the Shenzhou VII at an eternal void.

  • Revisiting a Bruce Lee Classic: Enter the Dragon
    - By JoshIf Jet Li or Jackie Chan owns the mantle for greatest Kung Fu movie star today, then Bruce Lee undoubtedly is the granddaddy of them all. Throughout the 1950s and 60s he built up the genre, and at the time of his tragic and still unexpla

  • A Deeper Look: Tibetan Music
    - By Gerald RocheTibetan music became popular in the West thanks to recordings by David Lewiston in India during the 1970s. From then on, Western ideas of Tibetan music have continued to focus mostly on monastic chants.

  • A Hidden Henan Treasure: Gongyi
    Nestled in Henan Province between Luoyang, with its famous Longmen Grotto Caves, and Song Shan, the home of Shaolin Temple, sits Gongyi (巩义), a sleepy town that not many people notice on their rush elsewhere.

  • A Visit to Sikkim and the Thibetan Border in 1873
    -By Chris Devonshire EllisWhen you find a rare, leather-bound published account of an Englishman trying his hand at the tortuous route between India and Tibet (or Thibet, as it was known) in the 19th century, you buy it.

  • Legendary Feminism: the Story of Ashima
    -By ErnieTime and fate can rob a people of their possessions, but not their souls. Before merchants became kings, the Yi of southwest China were anything but a coddled minority.

  • Harvard, the Hanlin Academy of the West
    -By ErnieMuch is made of guanxi, influence-peddling, as an integral facet of success in China. In fact, the maintenance of power through personalized networks of influence is a universal phenomenon.

  • The Famed Flying Tigers
    - By Tom PellmanThe sky was full of animals in those days. More than sixty years ago, during World War II, Yunnan Province in Southwest China sounded like a mythical place.

  • Returning Chinese Stuck in the Middle
    - By JoshOne of the biggest changes of China's recent opening up has been the number of Chinese returning home after time abroad. For years it was nearly impossible to live or study outside of the country, and those who did were unlikely to come