Monthly Archives: August 2008

  • 5000 Years in One Big Room
    Detail of a stone carving from the 5 Dynasties period (907 -960 CE) Five thousand years, five thousand years. It's a rallying cry for patriotic Han, and a sarcastic slogan for exasperated foreigners cut off in line for the third time i

  • Shanghai's Classic Hotels
    -by Graham ThompsonOne of the delights of the hospitality scene in Shanghai is that many of the charming old hotels from the early 20th century still stand - and more importantly, still take bookings.

  • Zhang Yimou's Cinematic Ballet
    Besides classical music, ballet is a traditionally Western art form being reinvigorated by Chinese talent and perspectives. China's National Ballet is winding up its performance of Raise the Red Lantern at the National Center for the Perfor

  • The Secret Writing of Nu Shu
    The old woman had fainted and lay unmoving. No wonder, crowded Chinese train stations on a summer afternoon had caused younger and stronger bodies to swoon.

  • Waking from the One Dream
    Forget the "morning after" clichés that would logically follow the end of Beijing's "coming out party" [may this mark the last time the phrase is written or uttered].

  • Five Ancient Chinese Sports Worthy of the Olympics
    There are games, and then there are sports. For a game to be a sport, there ought to be a certain degree of athleticism, a touch of daring, a dash of intestinal fortitude.

  • Morning Tears: Helping Children of the Convicted
    Koen Sevenants with some of his children We come to China to make new lives. Some of us come to make our fortunes. Almost no one comes to make a difference. But Koen Sevenants belongs to that rare minority, experiencing reward and charity, hope and

  • An Overview: Official Flowers of 32 Chinese Cities
    The Plum Blossom: One of China's National Flowers -by Chris Devonshire Ellis You don't have to go to Kunming to enjoy a breathtaking array of China's flowers.

  • The Dao - An Ancient Cure for Modern Ills
    At eighty years of age, he admitted defeat. Whether in the Imperial Court or muddy alleys, men remained unnatural creatures. They muddled themselves with endless distinctions, knowledge that only stoked desire for the worthless.

  • Zeren, the Missing Component to Guanxi
    Guanxi is not a phenomenon unto itself. The component to “relationship” or “influence” is zeren, which we can translate as “duty” or “obligation”.