Monthly Archives: July 2008

  • Cai Guo-Qiang's Exploding Cars
    The Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang has been creating a stir internationally with his recent installations, most notably his "Exploding cars" sequences, which have been showing everywhere from the Guggenheim onwards over the last few weeks.

  • China's Soccer Blues
    Obviously, these are banner days for China's sports scene. And whether or not it achieves its goal of highest gold medal count at the Beijing Games, China's Olympic team will certainly deliver many tearful, triumphant moments on top of the

  • Beijing Frenzy
    Xue Song, Red Five Stars,2007No, no, the following has nothing to do with Beijing's eight-year case of Olympic fever. It's an up-to-date vision of the inspired delirium with which Chinese artists have been turning out the world's most

  • China’s Women Athletes – Holding Up Roughly 80% of the Sky
    All Chinese Olympic athletes merit respect, whether they end up wearing gold or sucking wind. They are the hard as nails products of a system pioneered by daycare centers in Sparta, and perfected by the Kremlin’s sports gulags.

  • Provincial Attitudes
    "How come all those darn provinces sound the same, even the ones next to each other?" - Soused Expat, Overheard in Watering Hole Willful ignorance is much easier than learning, at least in the short term.

  • 5 Chinese Athletes to Root For
    While you’re expected to root for your own country’s athletes at the Olympics, you’ll score valuable face points with your Chinese comrades by knowing a few of their favorites.

  • The Wonder Of China’s Beautiful Water Lotus
    It's July, and everywhere in China, the Water Lotus is now in bloom. Parks across the country have suddenly bloomed fireworks that looked like lotuses, with outer petals fading from white to pink and central rings of rose deepening to red.

  • Bite the Wax Tadpole
    Translation sometimes leads to hilarity. Witness the Chinglish signs that native English-speaking travelers never seem to tire of. It goes both ways. Coca Cola's first attempt at Chinese branding led to a name that suggested customers "bite the

  • The Guest Families
    Quick: what do pint-sized Party Leader Deng Xiaoping, badminton champ Lin Dan, and screen idol Chow Yun-Fat have in common? Yes, yes, they are all Chinese, but what kind? Take a bow if you know they're Hakka.

  • Carry On Up The Yangtze
    The Yangtze River is one of the world's mightiest waterways - 6,300km in length, and stretching from Himalayan origins in the Chinese - Tibetan mountains of Qinghai (Amdo), heading south then dramatically making a U-turn to cross the entire n