Xie Qi, Sichuan Abstracts

Xie Qi is from Chongqing and has rapidly gained prominence with her thought-provok ing, yet understated abstracts. A graduate of the Sichuan School of fi ne arts, she has exhib ited in the US as well as consistently in China.

As China develops, much of the spiritual and social aspects of these myriad of changes that are taking place are being mirrored in ex pressions from China’s artists. China’s pace of change is on many and increasingly complex layers. The development of the economy, the growth in spending power and the ability to afford now access to products and experiences unobtain able not so long ago is a driver, and with that some erosion too of tra ditional values. The collision of Chinese culture with the West has also given rise to hybrids and the mixing of skills in a manner not seen be fore on this scale. Art is often a barometer of the feelings of the masses, and with China’s love of beauty an entire new wave of artists have been exploding onto the art scene in China and overseas. It’s perhaps too early to tell at this stage the impact this will have, and possibly even too early to gauge the importance of some of the expressionism that is coming to the fore.

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