Monthly Archives: June 2008

  • Just in Case: Guiyang
    Guiyang is a city at once in the center and on the fringes. Draw a line on a map between Chongqing and Nanning, now one from Kunming to Changsha –they meet at Guiyang.

  • East Meets Eden
    Back from Fishing You can't reach paradise without braving the unknown. All the world's sweetest spots, the ones where man has only to enjoy the sunshine and wait for ripe fruit to fall, lie far past the view from a continent's shores.

  • Surviving the Chinese Wedding
    It's wedding season in China again. Time for young couples across the land to make sure the Han race doesn't die out, but not before a formalized ceremony to make procreation socially acceptable.

  • Not Black or White
    "Here, Laoyezi - let's drink a toast." "Eh? What's this?" "Stellenbosch Chardonnay, South Africa's finest." "You know I can't take wine any later than lunchtime, son.

  • The Middleman Gets the Girl
    - A long-ago lao wai relates the traditional Chinese approach to romance. I have heard Sir Robert Hart tell an amusing incident which occurred in Peking.

  • China’s Five Most Beautiful Villages: A Photo Essay
    - Text and Photos by Tom CarterChina is Asia's greatest paradox: the fastest growing economy in the world is also history's oldest civilization. It is where steel and glass skylines are haloed by crumbling walls, and well-heeled bankers rub s

  • An Overview: Official Flowers of Chinese Cities
    Chinese : 桂花 gui hua English : Osmanthus Latin : Flos Osmanthi Fragrantis Suzhou Hefei Guilin Hangzhou Three of the four cities that boast sweet osmanthus as their official flower are also some of the biggest tourist destinations in C

  • Wok Around the Clock
    Do you get sick "of" or "from" eating Chinese? McDonald's kills, if you believe the hype. Western food must be unhealthy, otherwise why would only the rich people in Western countries be thin? So we come to China, and cluck over the cuisine

  • China's Top Ten Cities
    TOP TEN CITIES IN CHINA FOR LIVING : NUMBER TEN : XI'AN Plenty of outdoor snacks for the adventurous The gigantic new arts and culture complex on the new city lake The Great Goose Pagoda in the city centre is China

  • An introduction to: URNA
    - Traditional songs from Inner Mongolia's steppes Now here's a find ! Welcome to Urna - an Inner Mongolian nomad, born in Hohhot, educated in Shanghai, singing songs in traditional Mongolian and backed by crack German world music musicians