Monthly Archives: May 2008

  • The Fantastic Worlds of Fan Jia
    The environs of 798 tell as much about the state of Chinese Contemporary Art as anything actually on display inside its galleries. Everything comfortable and familiar has been jackhammered to oblivion, to make way for international-five-star-luxury-

  • Chinese Supra-stition
    Cause and effect – bah. Newtonian science is fine for sending people to the moon and other billion-dollar experiments, but one electron can be in two places at the same time.

  • Starbucks: Global Embassy for the 21st Century
    - by Adam PilgerI’ve heard stories of a bygone era, when foreign travel felt unremittingly foreign, especially in places as non-western as Asia. While abroad, one had to cope with an onslaught of bizarre cultural differences with no reprieve; n

  • Earthquake Preparedness for Expats
    Our sympathy for strangers knows limits. The media’s hunger for fresh stories knows none. There is no word in English for the strange admixture of bitter gratitude elicited when a fresh tragedy prevents people from forgetting one slightly less fre

  • Ding Cong: Art-toonist
    It’s wonderful when parents do right by their kids, in spite of themselves. Ding Cong’s father was a famous cartoonist, yet refused to teach his son to draw, believing that virtually any other career path would be more rewarding.

  • You Shan’t Shun Shanxi
    Alas, poor Shanxi, who knows you well? The foreign devils visit you only by necessity or by accident, looking for some other Shaanxi with warriors, or on the way from Xi’an to Hohhot.

  • One Day in China: May 21st, 1936
    Those with a smattering of China history know that the 1930s menaced China with everything the civilized animal fears: famine, war, and always the specter of sudden and brutal injustice, which could rip your child from your breast, without a magistr

  • Fresh Old Theater
    Pssst…wanna see a revolutionary opera? What do you mean, no such thing? Sure, they’ll be selling jumbo shrimp at the concession; it’s a comedic tragedy about current history.

  • Yao Ming Responds to His Accusers
    Yao Ming penned the following letter in response to widespread criticism concerning the amount of his donation to the Sichuan earthquake victims.Dear Self-Righteous, Hypocritical Fans, I wish my parents had been midgets.

  • Expat Profile: Up-Front Analyst
    Jonathan Glick works for NCIL, syndicating and underwriting debt based investment to some of China’s biggest companies, such as China Mobile and China Telecom.