Monthly Archives: April 2008

  • Ancient Chinese Strategy for Modern Chinese Life
    Deception. Intrigue. Sacrificing friend and foe for victory. Such infamy defined what we now call China’s Warring States Era. Today, we don’t take ‘making a killing’ so literally, but ruthlessness is still the cardinal virtue for success, an

  • The Five Rituals of Eternal Youth
    That’s right. For taking the trouble to click on that link a moment ago, you are now going to be rewarded with the sacred rituals of eternal youth. Yet only unto the faithful is the miraculous bestowed.

  • A Forgotten Present: Li Wei’s Inner Mongolia
    Born 140 years ago, Edward S. Curtis came of age in a society that saw the camera as a symbol of modern times. But his passion for photography lay in chronicling the obsolete Native American culture.

  • In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan
    How’s this for irony: you can instantly tell and show the world your travel adventures, but the fact that you can means there are no more travel adventures to be had.

  • Help for the Jaded
    Master Liu - Buddhist first, jade merchant secondMaster Liu wants you to know that jade is a lot more than pretty green rock. “Jade, to the Chinese, is like diamonds for you Westerners.

  • In China, Two Wheels Beat Four
    Pity that China’s idea of playing catch up with the West means aping its pointless over-consumption, which is nowhere better exemplified than in the “one man, one vehicle” approach to transportation.

  • Here Be Dragons: A Visit to "the Guilin of the North"
    Let’s face it: if you’re looking for the kind of five-star trips conjured in glossy travel mags, the ones where you’re never more than five steps from a daiquiri, and all the hotel linens pass the black-light test, Beiing’s outer environs do

  • Three Rising Chinese Art Stars
    With today’s top Chinese contemporary artists’ work selling well into the millions, the art world is abuzz with rumors of a bubble. Imminent correction or no, the mid to long term looks very rosy for the few Chinese artists that manage to elbow t

  • May Events - Beijing
    5/17-2008/5/18 Sino-English Financial Forum - Asset and Risk Speakers: Professor Michael Dempster, Professor Gautam Mitra, Dr. Dan diBartolomeo, Dr. Elena Medova, Professor Guo Qingwang, Professor Zhao Xijun, Professor Ren Huaixiu Place: Renmi

  • A Berry Old Man's Secret
    A 1933 issue of Time Magazine tells of a Chinese Methuselah, one Li Qing Yuan, who had recently expired at the unheard of age of 256. The report was verified by a professor at Chengdu University who had found a Qing Dynasty scroll congratulating Li o