Monthly Archives: March 2008

  • The Grups Take China
    The Central Planning Committee’s personal ad for the perfect expatriate would read something like this: Wanted~ A highly educated, lily-white westerner ready to make a commitment to Mother China.

  • Blossoming Selfhood - Artist Yi Hui
    To look at the Chinese contemporary art currently dominating international auctions, one might think political dissent its primary theme. After all, Yue Minjun’s Execution, a piece openly mocking government power, sold for close to 3 million pounds

  • Changsha: Just In Case
    Changsha can be called the heart of China in more ways than one. It is found right in the middle of the breast of any big chicken map of China. Its satellite town Shaoshan is home to Chairman Mao, and its hinterlands produce grain for much of the nati

  • Boycotting the Huangs
    You’ve been invited to a big party, the biggest the neighborhood has seen in four years. It’s being thrown by the Huang family, way down at the other end of the block.

  • A Visit to Beijing's Tea Street
    The opera. The ballet. An art exhibition. All draw fans who love the best, and being around others who appreciate it. As arguably the most concentrated and diverse venue for tea and all its accoutrements in China, Maliandao thrums from dawn to da

  • Second Tier City Real Estate Investment
    -By Dustin Mills Hundreds of billions of Yuan are pouring into China’s real estate market; apartment complexes and entire neighborhoods are built in the blink of an eye; apartments are sold before construction is finished; and everyone’s attention

  • China Business Book Giants Weigh In
    They’ve penned two of the best-selling books on doing business in China. Tim Clissold is the author of Mr. China, the true story of a Wall Street attempt to leverage Chinese SOEs in the 90s that reads like a mystery-thriller.

  • The Troubles of Old Tibet
    Tibet and its troubles are much in the news again. The average Westerner, the one who still values being informed over being entertained at least, subscribes to a fallacy.

  • Tea Ceremony - minus all the ceremony
    Hey all you skcub ratS - put down that forty kuai coffee and stop staring at your laptop. You want peace of mind and an ethereal buzz? Then it's time to learn the basics of the Chinese tea ceremony.

  • 12 Girls Band Live at Budokan Japan
    With a name like “12 Girls Band,” it is hardly surprisingly that their creator planned to capitalize on more than just the musical talents of the group. In fact, Wang Xiaojing, the so-called ‘father of Chinese rock music’ makes few qual