Monthly Archives: December 2007

  • Beijing Bemusement Park
    It's nice to have big parks in Beijing, but they get boring fast. If you don't have a kite, and staring at strangers while dribbling seed shells isn't your thing, a park needs some substance to capture the imagination.

  • Wokking the Dog
    “I heard they like, totally eat dogs over there.” “Yeah dude, they totally do.” Me and the Dalai Lama – we know people are more alike than they are different.

  • Chinese Marketing
    Only the starving man and the compulsive coupon-cutter enjoy grocery shopping.It's a shame really, because searching for food to sustain yourself and your loved ones is our most primal task.

  • Don't Do Christmas
    I love the fact that I don’t understand the public chatter around me. Saves a lot of temporary file space on my brain’s diminishing RAM. The downside comes from the irresistible urge to listen when people in public are speaking English.

  • The Luck of the Chinese - Lucky Kids, Gourds, and Dragons
    Don’t believe in luck? Then you’re not Chinese. The Sons of Han know that good fortune can be cultivated, or carelessly lost. It’s all in the hands of the God of Luck.

  • Classless Society
    I see the same cleaning lady every morning. She’s the size of an Oompa-Loompa, with one of those Southern Chinese faces fine-featured enough to stick in dough and make doll cookies with.

  • Beijing 2010: Everything's Harmonious
    Ya know, sometimes I worry that the good people running Beijing might be facing an insurmountable challenge, what with the rampant growth and environmental degradation, etcetera ad nauseum.

  • The Qigong Dialogues: Leave it to Grasshopper
    Master, I wish to practise qigong. But what is it? A sport, a martial art, a science, or a lazily named Star Wars character? Excellent, grasshopper! Like a man who sneezes with no hanky, you will take m

  • Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Shock and disbelief can do much to quell pain. The shock came courtesy of the twelve-footer that had flattened me in shallow surf, the disbelief from the fact that I couldn’t walk but had to crawl up on to shore like a pulverized lung fish.

  • High Contrast Beijing : Same Spots, Different Worlds
    Say what you like about Beijing - it will outlast you. Most of the buildings pictured in black and white were ancient when they were photographed. The people, however, were not.