Monthly Archives: October 2007

  • What Flavor is that Toothpaste?
    Daily life in China is filled with oddities and difficulties that only an expatriate can understand. It is hard to imagine another place where waiters will ignore your specifications for dishes because “it wouldn’t taste good that way.

  • Meet the Ski Pros
    ChinaExpat has launched a new skiing feature on our website. Two ski pros with extensive experience both inside and outside of China can answer all of your skiing questions in our forum, which you can access at www.

  • Beijing's Ski Spots
    China Expat’s readership hails from across the country. However, at some point or another everyone ends up in Beijing, either on business, travel, or passing through on an international route.

  • China's Extreme Skiing
    For hardcore types, true skiing only starts once you have left the groomed and controlled slopes to enjoy the natural snow of the wild mountains. To access extreme ski areas, quite a bit of mountaineering tends to be involved, as the terrain is too st

  • The Chinese Ski Scene
    As skiing catches on in China it is becoming an increasingly viable way to spend a vacation. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should not expect your experience here to be the same as you might have on the European slopes.

  • Air China - Air Communism
    (By guest blogger Chris Devonshire-Ellis)Air China, simple enough you'd think, Beijing to Rome. I know it's tough to be sympathetic with people who fly First class, but hey I paid for it, and I've worked hard for the extras.

  • Smart Firewall of China
    China’s firewall seems to be showing signs of getting smarter. Weird things are happening that makes me wonder if one day the country will effectively block out most of the information that they do not want in, not matter how inane it is.

  • Our New Ski Forum
    China Expat has launched a really helpful feature on the Chinese ski scene. Now I know this is a shameless promotion, but I’m not above that. Besides, I think it’s a great tool.

  • What if the RMB and Dollar were the Same...
    Today the Renminbi broke the 7.5 barrier against the dollar. Given that the Canadian dollar recently reached parity with its southern counterpart, I started to wonder what a one-to-one dollar-Yuan ratio would mean for prices here.

  • My Bicycle is Manly, to those who Know
    To someone not in the know, my bicycle might not look like the manliest out there. It has a basket on the front, and a little bell to alert poor drivers. It is a one-speed, and the frame is a little too small for me.