Monthly Archives: September 2007

  • Book Review: Iron and Silk
    Expatriates in China love to lament all of the difficulties from their daily life. It has practically become a sport. However, compared to 25 years ago, things are a breeze.

  • Featured Musician: Zhou Chuanxiong
    Chinese singers, particularly men, have long had a fascination with somewhat syrupy love songs. Many are intolerably trite and clichéd, while other artists have managed to walk that fine line between trash and fun, with a bit of soulfulness occasi

  • The Famed Flying Tigers
    The sky was full of animals in those days. More than sixty years ago, during World War II, Yunnan Province in Southwest China sounded like a mythical place. Flying tigers had shark teeth and dogs fought with Peregrine Falcons.

  • A Neighbor and a Hero: An American in China during WWII
    For as long as there have been movies, filmmakers have portrayed China as a mysterious and distant land, full of novelty and intrigue. People believe it holds secret medicinal fixes that modern doctors do not understand, and its philosophers can turn

  • China's Last Remaining Communist
    Rarely do the words that come out of a Chinese cab driver’s mouth surprise me as much as this past weekend. A couple of days ago I mentioned his bigotry, which I had heard before from others, but the outspokenness of this man on a number of issues w

  • PSB Harassment
    Over the course of the summer I was harassed four times by Public Safety Bureau officials leaving my building. Each time they asked for my registration card, and each time I told them that I did not have it.

  • The Chinglish Defender
    Considering how few foreigners speak really good Chinese, isn’t the media’s Chinglish coverage a little excessive? True, occasionally phrases on signs are extremely funny, so it makes sense that the subject gets some attention.

  • Excessive Force or Racism by Beijing Police?
    A hazy picture of a police round-up of black people in Beijing's Sanlitun is emerging today. The full details are not fully known, but foreigners are starting to wonder if this fits into a pre-existing prejudice against black people by some

  • Why I love Gentrifcation
    A store in my Beijing neighborhood shut down a few weeks ago, and it has left me wondering if I should be so happy about it. The place was sort of like a supermarket, except it had nothing good—at all.

  • Blogging on China Bloggers
    Yesterday’s AmCham event ‘Under the Digital Influence’ gave an excellent overview of the internet scene in China. There were two panels, the first entitled “Decoding China's Internet Scene” and the second “The Business of Blogging.