Monthly Archives: August 2007

  • Yi Jianlian is an Alian Baby
    The Milwaukee Bucks avoided enormous embarrassment when they signed Yi Jianlian this week. The Chinese basketball player who went sixth in June’s NBA draft has been reluctant to move to Wisconsin because of its cold winters, small Chinese population

  • Olympic Tickets Arrive
    Recently I’ve been getting more junk mail than normal. Things like this tend to go in cycles, but the upswings are always irritating. Fortunately for me I went through my spam folder to discover a little notification from the IOC: my tickets from la

    Over the last week China Expat has been upgrading our servers. This has caused some slowness and brief periods of downtime. Our technical staff is hard at work correcting these problems so that they will not occur again.

  • French Brand, China Savvy
    The newspaper headlines seemed to indicate Carrefour had finally slipped up in its China operations. The French superstore has made a good chunk of its money in the Far East through a series of shrewd expansions that showed an understanding of the Chi

  • Film Review: Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles
    Director Zhang Yimou has long been criticized for pandering to foreign audiences in his films. If you are of this camp, and there is ample evidence that he does little to target the Chinese crowd, then Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles(千里走单

  • Book Review: Su Tong's Rice
    If Chinese author Su Tong’s novels are any indication, he has an incredibly dim view of human nature. Set in pre-revolution China, Rice, Su’s follow-up to the incredibly successful Raise the Red Lantern, tells the story of a poor boy’s r

  • China's Most Beautiful Villages: A Photo Essay
    China is Asia’s greatest paradox: the fastest growing economy in the world is also history’s oldest civilization. It is where steel and glass skylines are haloed by crumbling walls, and well-heeled bankers rub shoulders with barefooted ethnic mino

  • Off the Beaten Path Sept. 2007

  • A Hidden Henan Treasure: Gongyi
    Nestled in Henan Province between Luoyang, with its famous Longmen Grotto Caves, and Song Shan, the home of Shaolin Temple, sits Gongyi (巩义), a sleepy town that not many people notice on their rush elsewhere.

  • Fishing Xiangshan’s Waters
    A short drive and ferry trip away from Zhejiang’s Ningbo, on an island just off the coast in the East China Sea, sits Xiangshan. The ocean views and rustic environment make it feel more like the Japanese countryside than a neighbor of one of the mos