Monthly Archives: June 2007

  • Hong Kong's Handover, 30th June 1997
    From Colonialist to Expatriate: a 24 hour Journeyby Chris Devonshire-EllisIt was a very strange day, 10 years ago when Hong Kong was returned to China. By then I’d already moved from Hong Kong and was living and working in Shenzhen just across th

  • NBA Draft May Cause International Incident
    In the days before the 2007 draft China made it clear that Yi Jianlian would not be going to Milwaukee. Sure they like the cheese and beer up there, but it was not a suitable city for China’s best NBA prospect since Yao Ming.

  • Are you suffering from the pollution?
    Most of us foreigners, or laowai, when we first get here definitely notice one thing, and that is the pollution. Trouble breathing, the once a month cough/cold that seems to never fully go away, for many the condition seems to lasts at least 6-8months

  • Hugh Hefner Makes Macau a Player
    Hong Kong gets more attention, but Macau is turning into a flashy high-roller heaven. Long a bastion for gambling-deprived fun seekers from the mainland, the island is going big time with the launch of a few notable casinos.

  • Living in China, Feeling at Home
    When I first moved to China in 2001, not too many things felt like home. The television in my Chengdu apartment received seven channels, and three were CCTV-5, the sports station.

  • Renovating Hutongs
    China's renovated siheyuan offer an alternative to high-rises. While towering apartment buildings spring up around the country, hutongs, the twisting alleyways that are so deeply imbedded in China's history, are a cultural beauty disappearing

  • The War without Bullets
    There is increasing talk in China and the US of cyber-infiltration. Over the weekend there was a spate of reports that computers were the biggest vulnerability for American security, and just today the People's Daily published an opinion piece abo

  • China’s Crowd Mentality (and how to Embrace it)
    One of the most amazing things in China is the phenomenon of the crowd. This is something you see everyday, after traffic accidents, when there are arguments, and quite frankly, sometimes even when no one seems to know why a crowd has formed in the fi

  • China's Growing Mall Culture
    Cars, money, and the desire for being modern are turning Chinese to the malls. This is not a good development for people who like to be able to go to different places, and well, have different experiences.

  • Speaking Chinese Should Not Impress
    Imagine my surprise when on my very first day in China seven years ago several people told me how great my Chinese was. I had never taken a course, and had only been listening to language tapes for three months.