Monthly Archives: May 2007

  • Isn't Every Day Children's Day in China?
    In a land of princes, only June 1st is officially Children's Day. And yet each year I nevertheless get a pretty good laugh out of the fact that there is a need to celebrate children on a particular day.

  • Does Green Look Nuclear?
    Perhaps nuclear energy can help China's pollution problem. It's true that nuclear energy has significant drawbacks, and China's history of quality control is not great.

  • Why was China's High Speed Train Derailed?
    What happened to plans for a Shanghai-Hangzhou bullet train? When they announced plans to build the 170KM route it was big news as part of a greater effort to improve speed on major line.

  • Can North Korea become the New China?
    35 years ago China was an isolated country too, but...let's be honest, there are serious differences. China's population is about 25 times that of the Hermit Kingdom, and it was never under such tight central control.

  • Don't Use the Toothpaste
    On the heels of the pet food scandal, a toothpaste crisis has begun.A few weeks ago pets in the US started dying. Authorities linked it back to a supplier in China, and the government here has made an effort to come down hard on the maker.

  • Should you get paid in RMB?
    For years the gold standard for foreigners working in China was getting paid in foreign currency.With a widely undervalued RMB, people wanted to earn dollars or pounds and spend the money locally.

  • Avoiding Tolls in China
    If you've been in China a while probably you've seen attempts to circumvent tolls.You know what I'm talking about. That cab or truck driver who is willing to go 2 miles out of the way through the woods to save 10 RMB.

  • Cost of 2nd Child? $87,000
    After a spate of reports that the one-child policy is no longer serious, the authorities are fighting back.We reported on a couple of stories about how in an increasingly wealthy China the fines for more than one child were increasingly seen as a slap

  • India and China Fight Poverty Together
    The world's two most populous countries are working to curb poverty.It has been well-documented that India and China have two of the fastest growing economies, and much poverty has been eliminated in recent years.

  • Book Review: Among Warriors
    Fortunately for Pamela Logan, life is about the journey and not the final destination. A Cal Tech grad, self-proclaimed science nerd—and black belt—she heads to western China and Tibet chasing the shadow of a mythical group of local fighters.