Monthly Archives: April 2007

  • Drinking the Beijing Olympic Kool Aid
    And what does the torch symbolize for you?To be in China now means all Olympics all the time. We try to keep it periodic here at the Leaves, but with the new torch and route being unveiled yesterday, we'll take a look.

  • China Said: Let There Be Rain
    Amid fears that it might rain during the Olympics, the government has formed a plan. We reported last week that Beijing forced snow in Tibet, and they are planning a pre-emtive strike against mother nature.

  • The Shanghai Bubble?
    After years of speculation is Shanghai's housing bubble going to pop? That's exactly what some developers are wondering. And it's not just the housing market that is having issues.

  • Yao-zer
    Yao Ming’s line in game 1 of his playoff series:28 points, 15 rebounds. Not bad. Apologies for bringing this a day late. At the time of this posting game 2 had just begun (update: The Rockets won again)China’s fight with IPR violations has been we

  • Cute Sells
    Pandas don't like sex. But they have been bred back from the brink of extinction, despite the fact that they are this notorious aversion.Chinese women are excelling on the world soccer scene, but the men’s squad is sliding backwards.

  • Back Nine
    Golf has moved past Korea into China. It has long been a treasured sport in Korea, with one golfer even putting her foot in her mouth saying there are too many Koreans on the tour.

  • China Survivor
    Thank goodness China hasn't started its own Survivor. Unfortunately Survivor has decided to come to China. There's no way this works out well.There has been talk for years about China trying to disrupt weather patterns with missiles.

  • 484 Days till the Olympics Roundup
    There seems to be a lot of Olympic news coming out this week, so let's take a look.The Olympics are often the time for a country to make its play at acceptance on the world stage.

  • Book Review: In the Footsteps of Ghengis Khan
    Beijing, 1935. China is beset with problems – the capital has been moved to Nanjing, the Japanese are invading Manchuria, and warlords jostle for positions of power elsewhere.

  • A Deeper Look: Tibetan Music
    Tibetan music became popular in the West thanks to recordings by David Lewiston in India during the 1970s. From then on, Western ideas of Tibetan music have continued to focus mostly on monastic chants.