Monthly Archives: March 2007

  • China Briefing's China Business Guides
    China Briefing's series of acclaimed business guides cover two main areas of interest for the new-to-China or experienced China hand. REGIONAL BUSINESS GUIDES These include titles about Beijing & North-East China, Shanghai & The Yangtze River Delt

  • Fighting to Save a House in Chongqing
    We reported on this last week, but there is quite a stir in Chongqing over one couple’s fight to keep their little house. Chinese blogs have been pretty excited about the story and it coincides with the PNC’s discussion of property rights changes

  • Just In Case You Get Sent To: Hefei
    Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province, just to the East of Shanghai, and has long been regarded as a bit of a backwater in the rush towards investing in Shanghai itself and the coastal Provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

  • Panda Poop to Save Trees
    The AP is reporting that if there were more pandas in the world, perhaps there would be more trees as well. Confused? Poop is the answer. No seriously.If you think that investment is slowing in China, you’re wrong.

  • Tibetan Buddhism, Kama Sutra, and Tantric Sex
    Tantra, by that name, derives from Vedic/Hindu religions, and was most common in Northern India, although it became mixed together with Southern Indian local religions such as the worship of Kali.

  • The Road to Shangri La
    For many, Shangri-La is an unobtainable place, a mythical realm. For others, it’s within your own heart – “follow your dreams” they will say, “and you will discover your own Shangri-La”.

  • Book Review: Lost Horizon (James Hilton)
    Written in 1933, this book single handedly brought the term “Shangri-La” to the international mainstream and its idyllic lifestyle. Set, with some ironic modern paradox, in a war torn, terrorist ridden Central Asia, it charts the story of four ind

  • Book Review: Searching For Shangri-La – An Alternative Philosophy Travelogue
    Written exactly 70 years after Hilton’s novel, Brahm, a Beijing based lawyer and foreign investment consultant (sounds familiar), is getting fed up with the material, electronic, concrete and glass world that inhabits much of China and international

  • China's Foreign Exchange Certificates: Ten Years Gone By
    It is a measure of how fast time flies when we suddenly realize that in has been ten years since China finally phased out FEC, and that an entire generation of expatriates has no idea about what they were, their purpose, or even what they looked like.

  • Film Review: Forbidden City USA
    This hour long documentary – with an additional 30 minutes of bonus material – outlines the fantastic story of Americas’ first all-Chinese nightclub – the Forbidden City, in San Francisco’s Sutter Street, and it’s heyday in the 1930’s an