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The Lost Photos of China

The images you see here were saved from total loss by our publisher, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, who painstakingly went through several cardboard boxes of old photos that had been left out in the rain at the Panjiayuan flea market in Beijing. A collection of images by different Chinese photographers, it appears they might have been the entrants into a China National Photographic competition several years ago. Quite how they ended up in Panjiayuan is unclear, and the photos for the main part are uncredited and unnamed. Some were also in rather poor condition, and Chris has had them digitally restored in a process that took nearly 18 months.

One thing is for certain however – they clearly deserve a far wider audience. In lieu of copyright payments to the original photographers, China Expat has made a donation of USD2,000 to the Save The Children charity in China. Should anyone be able to trace any of these photographers, please contact the editor at editor@chinaexpat.com

We hope you enjoy this gallery of lost Chinese photos, found again, restored, and made available for our readers to appreciate.

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