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Ernie Diaz

An expat from the cradle, Ernie devotes himself to taking the “blah” out of “blogging”, and putting forth the proposition that there’s no real knowing a country as big and old as China. When not engaged in word-smithery, he enjoys conspiracy theory, Iron Maiden solos, and processing his karma from a past life as a mountebank. He has written full time for China Expat since 2007 and is based in Beijing.

6 Responses to Ernie Diaz

  1. Ernie, The China Totems article reposting that you’ve done seems to be doing quite well.
    If you want to use other articles I have written for a similar purpose let me know .

  2. Ernie says:

    Send them over, please Hendon – your work is much valued here!

  3. Den says:

    Love your article about Teochew and the language. Well researched and amazed me that you find out the differences, even up to the “hokkien tension”. It’s quite true, I don’t know why, even in Malaysia it’s always tension with the louder rough Hokkien!

  4. Ernie says:

    Thanks Den, to whom one can only assume is a Teochew reader!

  5. peter brasser says:

    Ernie, lots of your articles have and are the inspiration of our continues attempt to discover authentic China, based on your articles we will going to visit Bama county along many other places on our upcoming 6 week trip
    Is there a way on the chinaexpact site were we can have an overview of all your articles?
    kind regards


  6. Ernie says:

    What an honor, Peter, thank you! I dare say by far the lion’s share of the articles on this site are by me at this point. If you want the travel ones, you can click through the archives, although some were lost in our last site redesign. Hope you have a fantastic time in Bama and points beyond!

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