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Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Chris Devonshire-Ellis established China Expat as a cultural, literary and adventure travel forum for expatriates and readers interested in China in 2001, with the aim of providing a quality site with "interesting, well written articles, that would appeal to a more adventurous and up market readers". Funded by Chris since its conception, China Expat has employed a full time professional writer for the past eight years, ensuring the standards of quality writing are maintained. These have included Graham Thompson, who now runs a China charitable organization in Edinburgh, Josh Gartner, now Head of Communications at the American Chamber of Commerce in China, and the current incumbent, Ernie Diaz.

China Expat has consistently shown itself to be one of the most popular English language websites, attracting a significant number of daily readers on an international basis. Chris meanwhile has lived, traveled and worked in Asia for over 25 years, including 23 years in China. He is the Principal and founder of Dezan Shira & Associates , a business consultancy specializing in foreign investment throughout Asia, which he established in 1992. The practice now has seventeen offices throughout Asia, including ten in China. He established the Asia Briefing publishing house in 1992, including amongst its flagship publications the well known China Briefing www.china-briefing.com title, as well as additional titles concerning business investment in India, Vietnam, Russia, and Emerging Asia. He established an additional cultural and adventure travel title, Mongolia Expat in 2006.

He is a well regarded China hand, with commentary appearing on a regular basis in the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, Wall Street Journal and South China Morning Post, in addition to magazines such as Beijing Review and Shanghai Daily. He was elected as Vice Chairman to the Business Advisory Council of the Greater Tumen Initiative in 2010. This body is part of the United Nations Development Programme and covers North-East China, Eastern Russia, Mongolia, and North & South Korea.

When he’s not traveling, Chris is based in Beijing, and is a member of the cities Capital Club, where he holds the position of Club Commodore. He still occasionally contributes to China Expat. His personal blog may be viewed at www.chrisdevonshire-ellis.com

China Expat will be produced a book, "The Best of China Expat", including its most popular articles and stories over the past decade to celebrate its tenth anniversary in Spring 201

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