China Expat Book Now Available Free on iPad

China Expat’s highly popular recent book is now available for free download on your iPad! With over 10,000 copies shifting over the past six weeks, the book – which describes expat life, China travel, history, art, literature and culture – has already become one of the most popular descriptions of China expatriate life and culture produced to date.

This complimentary book has been produced to mark the 10th anniversary of the popular China Expat portal, and features a variety of different pieces from the titles four in-house writers who have contributed pieces during that time. Long term China expatriates Graham Thompson, Josh Gartner, Chris Devonshire-Ellis and current incumbent Ernie Diaz are all featured with articles written by them over the past decade.

This book will entertain, provide moments of “I didn’t know that!” and give an insight into life for expatriate personnel working in this most fascinating of Asian countries.

The iPad book may be downloaded by clicking here.

Those of you still interested in downloading the complimentary PDF can do so by clicking here.

Book Content:

1 – Expatriates in China
☆ All Expats in China are Crazy
☆ The China Expert: Myth or Misnomer?
☆ A Neighbor and a Hero
☆ How Chaplin Charmed China
☆ The Man Who Stayed Behind

2 – Modern Life and Culture
☆ A Quick Guide to Chinese Liquor
☆ A Nation of Noodle Addicts
☆ Shanxi Vinegar for Tough Times
☆ Impress with Instant Mandarin Slang
☆ Surviving the Chinese Wedding
☆ The Sound and the Fury

3 – Art and Traditional Culture
☆ The Buddhist Art of War
☆ Revolutionary Work
☆ China’s Anthem
☆ The Lyrical Prescience of Chairman Mao
☆ The Mongolian Dalai Lama
☆ Beautiful Money – The Tibetan Srang
☆ Tibetan Buddhist Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex
☆ The Five Rituals of Eternal Youth
☆ Financing The Xinjiang Warlords
☆ The Mosuo and Their Walking Marriage

4 – Historical Perspective
☆ The Ancient Tea-Horse Road
☆ From “Little Mule” to the “Red Flag” and the “Chang Jiang”
☆ The Classic Hotels of Shanghai: A Change from the Usual?
☆ Blood Thirsty Boxers and a Real Man
☆ Was the Chinese Phoenix actually an Ostrich?
☆ The Historic Flags of China
☆ The Chinese Silver Dragon
☆ China’s Foreign Exchange Certificates – Ten Years Gone
☆ Hong Kong’s Handover, 30th June 1997 – From Colonialist to Expatriate
☆ Hong Kong: China’s Golden Goose
☆ Shaolin Kung Fu Goes Corporate
☆ Great Moments in Panda Diplomacy

5 – Exploring China
☆ Is This China’s Most Beautiful Mountain?
☆ Kunming’s Unique Relationship with China
☆ Lost in the Gurbantunggut Desert
☆ From Kashgar to Taxkorgan: The Karakoram Highway
☆ Lhasa to Everest Base Camp
☆ A Hidden Henan Treasure
☆ Five Grassland Gateways
☆ Fishing Xiangshan’s Waters
☆ Zhangjiajie: A Honeymoon with China
☆ Just in Case You Get Sent to: Guiyang
☆ Just in Case You Get Sent to: Kaifeng
☆ 32 Official Flowers of Chinese Cities
☆ The Shanghai Waltz
☆ China’s Lost Photos – Terraced Paddies

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