Yao Ming’s line in game 1 of his playoff series:28 points, 15 rebounds. Not bad. Apologies for bringing this a day late. At the time of this posting game 2 had just begun (update: The Rockets won again)

Pirated DVDs GaloreChina’s fight with IPR violations has been well-documented. As everyone who has ever been here knows, you can get Prada, Sony, and any DVD you want, among many other things. Right now the government is in the midst of a campaign to crack down, which seems to be bearing some fruit, but it’s hard to change a mindset once it exists.

Remember on last week when we reported that China was looking to go g

reener in their cars? Well, yesterday they were supposed to launch an environmental effort, but they seem to have abandoned that…at least they seem to be heading toward greater government transparency. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

You’re probably bored with investment in China stories, but here’s a high-tech one in Beijing. Of course all this activity means that there is continuing concern about the dreaded overheating.

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